Best tips on Kissing your Girl Friend: a Perfect Kiss

Best tips on kissing your girl, playful techniques on becoming a perfect kisser including Five best ways of kissing your girl a girl, For start kissing your girl make her mood, For Kissing your girl perfectly, Start with Small pecks, For a perfect kiss your girl, Occasionally use tongue, For a perfect kiss your girl, Don't open mouth too wide.
A couple goes on date when they want to know each other and the then going on regular dating means they like each other .Definitely once the liking is there , will convert in love. The girls very easily allow someone to hold her hand but taking her to the level of kissing needs a lot of patience.

First tip on Kissing your Girl: Kissing
is a technique: Be a perfect Kisser
Earlier many guys has to face slaps from a girl while trying to kiss her .Now the scenario is changing many girls get attracted towards a guy only if he knows the perfect way of making love. Kissing perfectly and to get the title that "he is a perfect kisser 'we are hereby elaborating five best ways to kiss a girl perfectly.

Five best ways of kissing a girl

Best Tip for kissing your girl: Make her mood
The girl mood and the circumstances around you play the most significant role in kissing. Are you both alone and chatting?  Simply hold her hand and start looking in her eyes with a passion and say slowly 'Dear, I feel like to kiss you .Just to say you thanks the way you care for me and the way you give me time .' This is what a girl wants, appreciation and making love with true heart.

For Kissing your girl perfectly, Start with Small pecks
Always seek permission of girl before kissing her. The best way to kiss is to take her consent. A love kiss on forehead or at hand will drive her crazy for you. She herself will urge more from you. Girls are often shy in nature they take time to open with someone but once you will ring the bell accurately they will definitely come to you only. Always start with small pecks of kisses and wait for her reply on that.

Tips for a perfect lip kiss with your girl
Once you start making love you can proceed further for a lip kiss. The best way is when you both are having ice cream or cherries or grapes just say her or in fact spontaneously take her close to your lips and say I want to share this Cherrie or ice-cream or whatever she is having in her mouth. This way you can start lip locking with each other.

For a perfect kiss on your girl, Occasionally Use Tongue
Never use too much tongue while lip locking because sometimes girls find it tough to proceed with tongue inside the mouth. Many girls are sensitive enough to bear the taste what you earlier have in your mouth so avoid using tongue if you had a smoke or had eaten anything just before kissing. Occasionally using tongue is good but not frequently. Just slip your tongue in her mouth or playfully push her tongue out of your mouth .This is the best way to enjoy French kiss.

For a perfect kiss with your girl, don't open mouth too wide
Never open too wide mouth out of excitement because this can spoil the kissing as sometimes the saliva drivel out of mouth which will drive your partner attention and she will start wiping mouth and the session will get over and out.

Always make sure that your breath is fresh, be smart enough to develop the circumstances to make her close to you. So all the above techniques will make you a perfect kisser and definitely your gal will love to experience your kissing repeatedly.

In this article we are told some playful techniques on becoming a perfect kisser including Five best ways of kissing a girl, For start kissing make her mood, For Kissing perfectly, Start with Small pecks, For a perfect kiss, Occasionally use tongue, For a perfect kiss, Don't open mouth too wide.
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