Spending Time Together - Your Own Private Link

The first tactic is a very - simple one. When you’re speaking to her, always be looking for - opportunities to share a secret with her. When you have something to - share, lean forward toward her (she will lean forward almost as a reflex) and whisper your thought quietly.

This simple ploy can have a surprisingly - profound effect. Of course there is the matter of a sharing a secret - which establishes and builds intimacy. Just having - that private communication for a few seconds establishes a confidential link between the two of you. For a few - seconds the two of you withdrew from the world and established a completely - private world of your own.

In one study women were asked about a - conversation they had one year earlier. Though they couldn’t recall - much about the conversation, they could vividly and accurately - describe the whispered remarks – in detail. This shows how powerful this particular tactic can be.
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