Spending Time Together - The Ultimate Aphrodisiac

This is by far the most powerful - aphrodisiac known to man. If you remember and use just one principle discussed on this site – this is the one to master.

I have a friend I’ll call Larry. Larry is an average looking guy who treats - women very - badly. He goes to a party or a singles bar and - totally ignores the women there. When he does see a lady who looks good to him, he confidently struts over to her (he swaggers a bit) and - says “Hey, you’re a good looking ‘filly! – If you play your cards right you might just have - a shot!” He then turns and walks away before the - stunned lady has a chance to respond.

You might think his tactic would backfire. Most men would never consider using such a blatant approach. But I’ve - watched him in action at several parties and after several such advances he always and I do mean always - ends up with - at least two beautiful women to choose from. Perhaps you’ve noticed that guys who are egomaniacs do well with women while the more shy and-  reserved guys more often end up going home alone.

Larry had a very active sex life for a very simple reason – he’s truly - confident of himself and he shows it. In a world of wimpy sensitive Alan - Alda type men Larry and others like him are real he-men by virtue of the obvious self-confidence they constantly radiate everywhere they go.

I think women also respond to him - because they sense that being - around him would be an - adventure. After all Larry - isn’t your average guy! He - seldom answers questions honestly and directly which creates an aura of mystery which most women would find repulsive but many find - fascinating.

Now I’m not saying that you should treat women as Larry does, but I am saying that if you can look a women directly in the eye and speak confidently - about your life, you’ll have much more success with women.

This is a biggie. Eye contact is very - important here. When you first meet a new acquaintance, the very first thing you notice is their eyes. When you - make eye contact, there’s a kind of challenge going on. If a lady - looks directly into your eyes and in response you avoid her gaze she’ll react immediately. The fact that you backed - down is an obvious sign of your lack of confidence. The vast majority of women will respond negatively to a man - who openly displays any lack of - confidence while most will respond positively to a man who maintains a steady eye contact. 

Psychologists have found that making - steady eye contact with a member of the opposite sex can trigger deep emotional and sexual responses in them. Many women - will respond very profoundly.

You’re in a single’s bar and sitting there when all of a sudden that cute little blonde at the end of the bar locks eyes with you. If you know what you’re doing you maintain - eye contact. After only two or three seconds your pulse starts to race, your - breathing deepens and you feel your sexual engine revving up. Whatever you - were doing vanishes as your whole being becomes concentrated on her eyes.

And you can bet that blonde is going - through the same thing. 

Though most people don’t give  - it a thought, most people use their eyes in different ways. When confronted with - a high-ranking executive or politician, we tend to avert our gaze. In the - western world women are almost trained to avert their eyes when they - meet an attractive man.

Attorneys know that eye contact - can work some very deep magic. When addressing a jury, the best - lawyers will be careful to systematically make eye contact with each and every member.

Also, studies have shown that the - time spent staring into each others eyes can reliably reveal the emotional depth of a relationship. Those who are most in love tend - to habitually stare into each others eyes for long periods.

If a woman casts her eyes aside while you’re speaking, don’t jump to any conclusions. She may be flirting with you. Women often gaze into a man’s - eyes and then alternate it with periods of glancing away. If she goes back and forth, she may be more interested - than you might think.

Or alternatively she may be bored with the subject you’re discussing. Perhaps a change would be indicated.
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