Spending Time Together - So Much - for Clint Eastwood

Most American men feel that women - are attracted to tough independent men who have very little to say. But your “ladies men” know that - women love to communicate. They love the exchange of information that goes on - within an intimate relationship.

Fact is, the strong and silent type went out with the black and - white western. Acting “cool” is also dead and should be avoided.

When women are asked they very - often complain that men don’t talk enough. It’s a deep need that smart - men know should be fed.

Today’s woman is looking for an open - communicative man, not a grimacing tough-guy Clint Eastwood type. Relax; open up and you’ll do much better with the ladies. The tough - guy with little to say went out with high button shoes.

Just be sure to avoid becoming a free therapist which is a well-known dead end in a dating - situation. Try to inject your speech with romantic thoughts and questions in order - to keep yourself on the romantic track and stay well clear of being shoved - into the dreaded “friend” category.

At all costs avoid talking about other women and past relationships. She may probe but you’ll only get - yourself into trouble if you spend time discussing these subjects now. You might want to share a strictly limited amount of info on past loves if you think - it will help but don’t spend too much time discussing these - dangerous subjects.

Women discuss past loves with their women - friends and their therapists ad nauseum so avoid  - such talk if you wish to avoid being classified along with them.
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