Spending Time Together - Sexual Programming

As we live our lives, we automatically accumulate sexual programming. This programming affects our sexual activities and mate - selection throughout our entire lives.

Here is an example of how sexual programming works. A young woman in her teens falls in love with the neighbor’s son. They have an extremely hot sexual fling that - lasts for about a year. The fact that the boy has rather noticeable facial acne skin damage didn’t seem to affect her in any - way at the time.

Later in life she finds men with facial acne scars more appealing than other men with - smoother faces. When several different men approach her in a single’s bar, she always seems to end up with an acne scarred - young man. This is a simple example of how - sexual programming works.

During her past relationships she may have become conditioned to a particular physical trait in one of her mates. When she meets a prospective lover who has that trait she may - find herself getting very sexual excited and may or may not understand why.

Any woman can become sexually attracted even stimulated by a man for the - strangest of reasons. Most people feel that when it comes to sexual attractiveness your physical appearance is the most important factor, but in truth - it isn’t.

A woman may become sexually excited just because you have a certain haircut or mustache, or because - you have acne damage. Don’t worry about it – it’s just some old sexual - programming she picked up some time back. Just be aware that it might - happen to you. (And be thankful for it!)
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