Spending Time Together - The Most Sexually Stimulating Dates

What you do on a date is much more - important than you might think! Most men are content with the usual movie and dinner date but if you’re serious - about pursuing a woman, that combination may be the least effective approach.

Your first date should include quiet - time where you can talk (For this reason movies are not an ideal first date). Many couples find that a lunch date - can be ideal for the initial meeting. You get plenty of time to chat and - get to know one another. If you go on to a second date, you should move on to more exciting dates.

Studies have shown that certain types of dates are much more - likely to trigger romantic and sexual feelings and desires. Scientists have discovered that  - dates are centered on stimulating activities that include the - perception of danger are much more likely to stir up these powerful feelings.

This effect works because when we’re with someone and - become physically excited, the source of that arousal becomes confused with the person we’re nearest to. We feel - stimulated and look - around for some means of - understanding what we’re going through.

This builds an association between the stimulation a woman feels and you in her mind. In short – she becomes conditioned to see you as a very stimulating and exciting person. She’s sees you as an adventuresome individual that she finds highly stimulating.

In several studies exciting dates lead to sexual encounters much - more often than less stimulating traditional movie/dinner dates. So powerful was this effect that women even reported experiencing increased sexual fantasies - and erotic dreams the night following a particularly stimulating date.

For this reason, when planning a date try to find a pleasurable activity - that is both stimulating and at the same time enjoyable for both of you.

Also one particularly interesting study found that individuals are up to eight - times as likely to fall in love following a date the woman found highly arousing. Such a response can trigger deep emotions and create an almost - instant emotional bond. And best of all, the targeted individual won’t know how or why it all happened. Gee, it must have been fate!

Why do you think roller coasters are so popular with dating couples? Watch the couples - hugging and snuggling in their seats at the end of the ride. Perceived danger transforms itself - into sexual desire. No wonder the amusement - parks are constantly busy building higher, longer and faster coasters!

If you must go to a movie - try to select one that is as stimulating as possible. Horror, - action or adventure flicks are best. Try to avoid sad love stories, intellectual foreign movies, crime flicks, sports movies, musicals or  -- anything with Woody Allen in it. Several studies have found increased sexual activity following emotionally charged movies.

Cruise ship staffs are very familiar with this effect. A cruise can be a very stimulating experience especially when you pursue stimulating activities like parasailing, kayaking or snorkeling in shark infested waters. Those in the know call this “the love boat effect”. This effect is so powerful it supports a multi-billion cruising industry that isn’t about to fade anytime soon.

The really bizarre thing is that the stimulation doesn’t necessarily have to be positive. One study found that when male college students were electrically shocked by female - students, the odds of them falling in love with their torturers  -- actually increased with the voltage! It’s the physiological stimulation that triggers our emotions, not it’s kind. Even painful stimulation works!

This effect even works in the long run. Happily married couples often take part in stimulating - activities such as skiing, hunting or even sky-diving. Studies have shown that - such couples tend to be happier and stay together longer than more sedentary couples.

Most people believe that psychiatrists are the experts when it comes to the human mind. But the - real experts are the advertising people. They know that if they can get us stimulated and then flash an image of their product, we will be much more likely to run out and buy it.

So they show us some very stimulating footage of a race car running around a track or the view from a plane flying low over some stunning landscape or a rather sexy girl running along a tropical beach (If the product is a male-only type product).

Then when we’re thoroughly stimulated they flash a picture of their - new product on the screen. This instantly creates a link in our minds between the excitement we’re feeling and their product. It’s an old method that will continue to be used for ages - because it works.
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