Spending Time Together -Lunch Dates

A lunch date can be an ideal - first date. It involves much less commitment for both of you. A woman is much more - likely to accept a lunch date than a - date for the usual evening long dinner. Lunch dates are - shorter yet still leave enough time for - meaningful communication.

The atmosphere during a lunch date is more - open and relaxed. If the lady doesn’t know you, she’ll feel safer - meeting you in a somewhat crowded lunch restaurant. She’ll also know - that you won’t be pushing her for sex smack in the middle of the work day. Short lunch dates - are excellent practice for the longer and more formal - weekend evening affairs.

Who knows - if all goes well, you may get an - offer for a homemade dinner at her place in return! If all - doesn’t go well, you only have to spend a half hour or so - before you can leave.

Lunch dates cost less also. And there are five days a - week available for lunch dates where the usual weekend - evening dates are only - available two nights per week.

Lunch dates are perfect for two co-workers who - want to get to know one another better. Alone you can - have more personal conversations than you can back at the office. Though the date only lasts - for around an hour, it’s still long enough for the two of you to learn enough - about your “chemistry” to make an intelligent decision regarding any further - dating activity.
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