Spending Time Together -Close Physical Proximity

There is magic in just being around - someone. Physical proximity can have some - surprising effects. When you first - meet someone new you - instantly form an impression of them - either positive or negative. In most cases spending time - with them will serve to amplify your initial impression.

Have you ever met a new co-worker who you found - mildly irritating? You have to work with them every day and after a - few weeks you just - wanted to strangle them? This is a common occurrence, one that employers are forced to deal with on a - regular basis.

What happened is that your initial negative feelings were increased by your regular physical closeness.

On the other side of the coin you have co-workers who start out with mild positive feelings about each other that can blossom into deep love and - even marriage. This also is a very common - occurrence. Most of us know at least a few married - couples who first met at work.

Physical closeness leads to - increased emotion. We have more affection for our next door neighbors than we do for the couple down the block who we have much less exposure to. It’s the repeated contact - that’s the magic.

But keep in mind that both positive and negative - emotions are fueled by increased proximity. As love - can grow from a seed of fondness, deep and - abiding disgust can sometimes grow out of a kernel of - irritation.

If you have a target lady in mind – do all you can to be around her as much as possible. If she is a co-worker, do what you can to get assigned to a position - where you will have more daily contact with her. Perhaps she belongs to a club of - some sort you could join.

Studies have shown that physical exposure is more important than other more obvious compatibility factors. Every - single exposure no matter how brief increases - the odds of her falling in - love with you (Providing she regards you positively from the start).

And physical proximity has a much more powerful effect than you might expect. This is yet another factor that can - compensate for a lack of physical attractiveness. The more time the two of you spend - chatting and interacting, the more she’ll be - exposed to your personality which can help - compensate for a host of other shortcomings.

When surveyed, happily married women reported that initially there may have been no sparks or chemistry when they - first met their future husbands, but over time love emerged. And the more exposure you have the more power this effect is likely to have.

This phenomenon works with anyone who has regular physical contact with others. They can be co-workers, roommates or - classmates. The repeated contact dissolves the distrust we naturally feel toward total strangers. As they become more familiar - to us, our feelings grow.

If she feels any sort of warm feeling toward you, even a mild positive regard, it will increase the more she sees of you.
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