Spending Time Together - Building Shared Experiences

Deep and lasting love involves the - accumulation of shared experiences. The more experiences you share the - better and the more exiting those adventures, the deeper - the link they forge.

Dates should include - unique activities. If you can afford it – you should be able to find some extremely interesting - things to do (A fancy - dinner cruise?)

But if you’re on a more limited - budget as most men are, you’ll have to be more imaginative. Take her places she wouldn’t - go by herself or with - her friends. Places she’s never been.

Shared adventures create an emotional bond that is - difficult to break. One lady I know who was going through a particularly - nasty divorce blurted out through her tears how much - she hated to “give up” all - those cherished memories.

Can’t come up with a - good idea? Ask her. Get her to -discuss places she’s heard of but never visited. Restaurants she’s never - enjoyed (because they were - too expensive). Scenic areas, amusement parks (particularly ones with - plenty of scary roller coasters!) or unusual activities - like attending an antique auction or an opera.

If she can’t give you any - suggestions at first, don’t be discouraged, chances are later on she’ll come up with a few after she’s had time to reflect.
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