Spending Time Together -Avoiding the “Let’s Be Friends Trap”

I was watching one of those dating - programs on TV. Each half hour program was divided - into two separate first dates. We would get a brief introduction to each person, then get to watch the date - unfold. Then just before the end of the - show you could watch each single review their date from behind the wheel as they drove home.

The women’s reactions fell into two broad - categories. Some women would label their date “hot”. While the - less impressed women would always respond with almost the exact - same language. “Well, I’d consider him as a friend”.

After watching this show for several weeks one thing - became painfully obvious. The word “friend” was a - death word. None of the women who used the word went on to date the men involved. The word - marked the end of the road as no single man is out  - there looking for female friends.

So here is the problem. Once a - man is classified as a “friend” he’ll find it very difficult to impossible to escape - the label and move on to becoming a lover.

There are men who have made the transition - from friend to lover but they are few and far between. Most male friends stay just that – friends.

Our goal is to do all we can right up front to - avoid being classified as a “pal” and at the same time do all we can to get - classified as a potential lover.
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