Spending Time Together - Active Listening Skills

The Extraordinary Power of - Active Listening

The greatest compliment you can - pay to someone is to carefully listen to what they have to say. When you’re - paying full attention, you’re conveying several different important messages. First you’re showing that you respect them and therefore you also - respect what they have to say. And it also communicates a deep acceptance. These are simple yet powerful - messages that are too often ignored.

And when you show this kind of respect, the speaker’s self-esteem is bound to - increase. This is a pleasant feeling that most people crave. It feels good which causes - them to view you as someone very special. (most people they meet pay them scant attention)

Ordinarily, most people don’t listen attentively - unless there is some reason to. At best most listen in a half-hear-ted way. Anyone who acquires even the most basic active - listening skills will stand out and be remembered.

Cults often use this effect to their - advantage. When a new prospect shows up, they smother them in attention. The cult members - listen intently as the new prospect reveals - their lives story. Many a victim has turned over vast fortunes to cults just because the cult was - the only time in their entire lives when they were listened to respectfully. 
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