Seducation Secrets - The Truth About the Beautiful People

In our culture highly attractive people are assumed to - possess positive personality traits. But this simply is not true! In reality, ravishingly beautiful - women often have underdeveloped - personalities.

Why? In a society that openly worships beauty, beautiful women tend to have their needs filled more easily than the rest of us and so avoid - suffering life’s struggles. As a result, they don’t suffer the obstacles which help - the rest of us build character.

And beautiful people - are not necessarily more self-confident than the rest of - us. When they are successful, it sometimes flows more from their looks - than their genuine accomplishments.

Though it may seem bizarre, many exceptionally beautiful people - have self-esteem problems. As a direct result, many extremely attractive people feel so insecure that they seek to calm their fears by remaining in a committed - relationship.

An exceptionally beautiful - woman may find it very difficult to maintain a - long term relationship as their spouse may become insecure as - they may fear losing them to - other men.

Some very beautiful women spend Saturday nights alone because men assume they are:

-Too busy dating other men

-Too expensive to date

-Prone to rejecting men

-Too demanding

Being attractive is in reality an attitude. Studies have shown - that if you feel attractive, you will appear more attractive to others. Men who felt - more attractive while wearing certain clothing were much more likely to - win a woman’s heart than equally attractive men who lacked that feeling.

Here’s a neat trick. When you tell someone - they are attractive, they will immediately start to act as though they are more physically attractive. When told they are sexy, they - may automatically behave in a - more sexually explicit manner.

Positive - emotions lead to - positive behavior. Just telling a woman that you find her sexually attractive may trigger a cascade of sexual behavior (provided you’re at - the right point in the relationship).
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গুরুত্বপূর্ণঃ মনে রাখবেন, ডিজিটাল চোটি ও এর সার্ভিস সমূহ আমাদের ব্যক্তিগত প্রমোদ’এর জন্য নির্মিত। অনেকসময় প্রকাশিত গল্প ও ভিডিও সমূহ শুধুমাত্র পাঠক/দর্শকদের আনন্দ প্রদানের জন্য কাল্পনিক এবং অমূলক হয়। অনেকসময় কোন সত্য বা কাল্পনিক ঘটনা প্রকৃতি বিরোধীও হয়ে থাকে, যেমনঃ ‘ইনচেস্ট’; ‘ধর্ষণ’; ‘বেশ্যাবৃত্তি’; ‘ব্যভিচার’; ‘যৌন হয়রানী’; ‘পরকিয়া’; ‘বহুপ্রেম’ ‘পর নারী/পুরুষের প্রতি আকর্ষণ’ ইত্যাদি। আমরা পাঠক ও দর্শকদের প্রতি দ্ব্যর্থহীন কন্ঠে বলতে চাই, ডিজিটাল চোটি বা অন্য যেকোন এ্যাডাল্ট প্রমোদ প্রদানকারী বিষয় সমূহে আসক্ত হয়ে নিজের ব্যক্তিগত জীবনে বা সমাজে সেগুলোর বাস্তবায়ন করে নিজের এবং সমাজের অপুরোনীয় ক্ষতি সাধন করবেননা।