Seducation Secrets - Seducing Beautiful Women

Dan was an average - sort of guy. He was certainly nothing special to look at considering his receding hair line - and protruding paunch. One day a - female co-worker approached Dan with an interesting offer. She had a girlfriend who she felt might be of interest to him. She offered to set up a blind date.

At first Dan was rather - dubious as the only blind date he ever had ended up being - a total disaster. But after chatting with Susan on - the phone his attitude shifted considerably. Susan was a model, not one of those tall skinny fashion models, but instead a sexy busty bathing suit type model. His skepticism - vanished. He then began to - count off the hours until their date.

Susan was all Dan could ever hope for. She was a stunningly - beautiful strawberry blonde with alabaster white - skin and a smile that could melt steel. But as the date - progressed Dan’s mind began to fill with insecure-  thoughts. Could this fabulously desirable - women really fall for a plain-looking guy like Dan?

Then Susan laid it all out. Men came at her from every direction - during her typical work day. She was constantly - being “hit on” and had grown sick and - tired of it. She had tried dating - the advertising people she worked with but it never quite worked out. Now she was - looking for a nice “regular - boyfriend” and Dan fit the bill precisely. She wanted a - normal 9 to 5 kind of guy who had never been involved in advertising or show business. And a man’s looks mattered very little to her. They went on to have a long and torrid affair.

The motto here is this men of average attractiveness can do - quite well with extremely attractive women provided they relate to them as though they were of - average attractiveness. If you’re intimidated by beauty and show it, you can expect that an attractive woman will - regard you as just another idiot who wants nothing but sex and - will quickly lose interest in you.

If you should manage to entice one of these beauties - into a relationship, never admit that her - looks are anything special. If she asks about some - aspect of her appearance, just shrug your shoulders and say “yes, it’s nice” and quickly change the subject. She’s not used to being - treated in this way so she’ll see you as an unusual man and an exciting challenge.

While attractive women have - it easy in life, women who are decidedly less attractive face much more discrimination and as a result, many more challenges. 

One study found that unattractive women suffer near constant discrimination during - even routine daily chores. They are often hassled where more - attractive ladies are given every benefit of the doubt.

For example, less attractive women are often asked for two picture IDs when they - attempt to cash a check in a local bank. Some restaurants will tell her that no - tables are available without a reservation - when in fact they are. In short, beautiful women are treated royally while less attractive - women are often given the royal run-around. In their - conclusion, the researchers that did the study were shocked at the degree of discrimination heaped on these poor unattractive women.

Here’s a very interesting facet of physical - attractiveness. Women prefer men who have symmetrical facial - traits. (Both sides of the face are - precisely the same) When young women were asked to sniff t-shirts worn by a number of young men, they could actually - sniff out those worn by men with symmetrical features! Strange - isn't it?
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