Seducation Secrets - Physical Attractiveness is an Attitude

If a woman you're dating is interested in - you, even slightly, she will overlook a ton of - shortcomings. And if she finds you psychologically or romantically - interesting, she will overlook almost anything. (I'm sure you've seen- mismatched couples and thought "what - does she see in him")

Richard Burton said he was grateful that more men didn’t - know that beautiful women are the easiest - prey. Burton felt that the more beautiful, the easier they were to date.

When Burton first met Elizabeth Taylor on - the set of the movie “Cleopatra” they exchanged pleasantries. As he walked - away from the meeting he commented to a friend (just loudly - enough to be overheard) “God, she’s a fat cow!”

Elizabeth Taylor was furious at first but her - rage soon turned into erotic desire because Burton had confirmed Taylor’s most - deeply held opinion of herself. And at the same - time established himself as an emotional challenge. The comment - also set him apart from all the other men who were constantly fawning over her.

Despite the fact that - they were both married to other people at the time, they went on to have a widely publicized relationship - and have a long and very torrid affair that captured - headlines all over the world.
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