Seducation Secrets - Obstacles and Separation

I call this the “Romeo and Juliet - Effect”. Two people who love each other very much - have a problem. Their respective - families are steadfastly opposed to their marriage. This enormous - obstacle only serves to deepen their romantic desire.

The message here is a simple - one. Obstacles that come between lovers can fan the - flames of romantic desire. And the greater the barrier, the greater the - effect. Ever see the movie "West - Side Story"?

For this reason many couples find that - spending some time apart can help them restore lost passion.  Perhaps you shouldn’t be too available when you meet a new lady. Perhaps there should be - some sort of obstacle the two -of you have to overcome.

How you use this effect depends on your particular - situation but whatever you do, realize that the man - who is constantly available, always waiting by the phone can automatically become - a bit of a doormat.

Women respond to a challenge. The greater the - challenge, the greater their ardor.
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