Seducation Secrets - Inviting Female Approaches

Today’s “liberated” women - can and often do approach men they find attractice. There’s one tactic you - can use to increase your odds - of being approached. And at the same time you’ll be stylish and seen as a unique man that has genuine personal style (rare in our conformity-mad times) and stands out from the crowd.

Wear some article of clothing that stands out. A favorite is a brightly colored or - striped tie can be an attractive conversation piece. But almost - any item will do. Just be sure it’s - obvious enough that it can easily invite comments.

Like you, a woman who is considering making an - approach will need something to talk about, some opening comment - she can use to get the conversational ball - rolling. Your noticeable clothing item will make it easy for her to think up something to say.

Have a story about your clothing item ready so that - if you’re asked about it, you’ll have something fun to say. “Oh this tie? I’m only wearing it because I - lost a bet with a friend!” would work.

She’ll also remember a guy with a bright red tie. When you call her for a - date later you can refer to yourself as “You know, Don – the guy with the red tie”. She’ll remember.
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