Seducation Secrets - How to Seduce a Beautiful Woman

To most men, beautiful -women seem cold, threatening and aloof. Many men fear that truly attractive women are - more prone to reject - them based on their own ather average appearance. Other men subscribe to the theory that good looking blondes are - stupid, you know – the “dumb blonde” myth. And it’s just that – a myth. Blondes are no smarter or - dumber on average than the rest of us.

The best looking women are used to - having men freely spend their money on them. They’re - used to eating in the very best restaurants. They’re used to - having people wait on them hand and - foot. In short, they’re used to luxury - and pampering.

So taking a really stunning lovely to an expensive top-drawer restaurant isn’t usually a very good idea. She’s probably been there before – several times. Even if she hasn’t, it may still end up being a waste of money.

Imaginative active dates work best with - these women. Try to get her involved and as actively as - possible is best. They’ll enjoy their time - with you and will cherish the memory of your picnic in the forest or horseback riding more than the - dozens of times she’s dined at fancy French restaurants with that other guy what’s his name?

Be careful about your - attitude here. Be interested but whatever you do don’t throw yourself at her feet. Let the other fools become her doormats; you’ll keep a - little bit of distance.

It’s very important that you carefully - avoid acting in any way desperate or - overeager. You may or may not want - her, you certainly don’t need her.

After one or two dates with a stunning woman - your self-confidence is going to soar. You’ll wonder why - you didn’t date these beauties years ago!

The deep dark secret is – beautiful women are really no more difficult to seduce than any other woman - so don't treat them in any special way.
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