Seducation Secrets - “Grow” on Her

When happily married women were questioned about their - husbands, almost half reported that - they didn’t find their future hubbies at all attractive the first - time they met. Some even found their future husbands - decidedly unattractive the first time they met. But over time his - attractive personality traits won her heart. “He just sort of grew on me” is a common refrain.

Fact is, men can have other attractive traits that can compensate for their lack - of physical attractiveness. Wives often found other traits such as wit, charming nature - or sense of humor particularly attractive.

And then there’s wealth which can influence a - woman’s attitude toward - any man as most women respond positively to the security that only wealth can provide. It’s not that women chase money, it’s that women deeply desire a man who - can provide security for the rearing of children and in today’s world security requires - cold hard cash.

Women who answered a questionnaire listed the following traits as - the most desirable:

Social and economic status



Firm character




Sense of humor
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