Seducation Secrets - Dating Plans

When it comes to dating plans, it’s usually unwise - to ask a date what she  wants to do. To do so would make you - appear weak and indecisive. Not good. Always have several backup - plans available should your primary date plans go awry. Listen to her - comments but make sure that you always make the final - decisions and in the end - call all the shots. Surveys have shown that women are drawn to highly decisive men. Remember John Wayne?

Your attitude shouldn’t be arrogant but should instead be - strongly confident. The difference is that a calm and confident - man will temper his attitude with a helpful, even - warm attitude.

A short note about really rich men. Successful and confident - men who have real money are usually low-key and low-profile. Despite what you - might think, they seldom wear flashy gold jewelry or - expensive Rolex watches. Wearing such jewelry is a sign - of poor taste and low class, not the opposite.

Instead they wear high-quality comfortable clothes they genuinely like. They sport well made reliable watches with more humble - brand names. They drive nice luxury cars (The rich often buy - top luxury used cars) They don’t talk much about money unless - they are in the company of other well-heeled friends.
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