Seducation Secrets - Damned Cheapskate

Whatever you do – be sure to avoid appearing too tight-fisted with your money. Women hate cheapskates! Women notice it if you make even a casual - comment on the cost of - something so say nothing about the cost - of your dates. If she catches you - pinching a penny, tell her that you aren't a tightwad but instead love to spend freely - when the situation calls for it. That should keep her from getting turned - off by your temporary cheapness.

Remember, women think romantically and hope that you will be so consumed with their feminine charms that you’ll forget everything - else in the world, including the financial - cost.

Women quickly dump cheapskates, even if they’re rich and attractive. It’s very irritating to women and runs contrary to their romantic - impulses. How can you impulsively offer to take her for a - romantic ride in a horse cart through the park if you’re going to moan about - the $25 fee. You don’t have to spend your hard-earned cash - like a drunken sailor, just remember that real romantics spend freely when love is - in the air.

Most women will watch to see how a man tips. Leaving a moderately generous tip is usually the wisest tactic. In most cases, 20% is a good bet.
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