Romantic Secret- Romantic Questions

As - I’ve said before, you simply must be careful to avoid your woman - classifying you as a “friend.” In the world of dating, - becoming only a friend is like winning a worthless “booby prize”.

To avoid this trap you should ask her romantic questions. Ask her about her first kiss, her first date. Ask her what she would - consider a highly romantic date.

Have you ever read a woman’s magazine? They’re full of romantic fantasies. In every town - of any size there’s a small shop that - rents out romantic paperbacks. This is a huge industry as women have an insatiable appetite for romantic stories. They love it and always will.

By centering the - conversation on romantic themes you make it clear that you are interested - in romance and that you are a romantic man – a very rare and endangered species today that women appreciate highly.

If she begins to lapse into a deep psychotherapy type discussion, steer her away quickly as this is part of the dreaded “friend” trap. Friends - talk this way and you’re not a friend but are instead a romantic man that wants to be viewed romantically.

You should ask three or four romantic questions during the evening. Be careful to spread them around and not rattle - them off like a machine gun which would appear strange.

Carefully observe - her reactions to romantic questions. If she appears to like them, you might - want to ask a few more. If not, you can quickly - change the subject.
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