Romantic Secret- Generosity Can be Sexy

Take her out on an expensive romantic - date to the very best and most expensive restaurant you can afford. Ask her in advance if she's ever eaten there to be sure - she hasn’t been there before. (Remember to take careful mental notes when you’re chatting during those all important first dates.)

After such a dinner she will see you as - a generous gent with good taste and such a date will leave no doubt in her mind that you are seriously interested in her. If she’s not that - interested in you, most women (the nice ones) will when asked, respectfully decline the offer. They know that such a date would call for some sort of response later. But if she finds you interesting, she’ll accept the date and be very happy to enjoy the wonderful meal with you.

Generally speaking there are two broad categories of people in this world - givers and the takers. When you finish your meal she’ll know that you are no cheapskate and are a world-class giver. You obviously have a generous nature which is very attractive, even sexy.

But once again we must be - sure not to go too far here. If you throw money around like a drunken sailor you can expect a woman to pull back - and wonder about you. Women like men who are quietly generous. Too much generosity can make you appear foolish, not generous.

And have no fear that she will become a gold-bricker and will - want to dine at that same place date after date. Most women don’t think that way (but the gold-brickers do so if she sounds - like she’s a bit too focused on money, don’t walk – run).

Nice women will be very grateful for the fancy date and - will openly tell you that they don’t expect to be treated like that every day of the week. They will refer to the evening as a “treat” and special occasion.

And – and here’s the best part – such dates cause women to feel both closer - to you and also indebted which can lead to some very nice times in your future. Just be sure in advance that - this lady is something special to you before you shell out the big bucks to start the ball rolling.

Here’s a particularly valuable tip. Some - restaurants (including Italian, Chinese and Japanese) have small private rooms in the back that can be reserved (in advance) for private dinners. Very few women have had such a dinner and will be very impressed if you can arrange one.

Japanese restaurants - are the best as they have a very nice “tea ceremony” that is - very ritualistic and dates back hundreds of years. A kimono clad lady will prepare and serve your tea in classic Japanese style. It’s quite a show. It’s almost like visiting Japan! (Don’t forget to tip generously as you may want to use their facilities again at some point in the future.
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গুরুত্বপূর্ণঃ মনে রাখবেন, ডিজিটাল চোটি ও এর সার্ভিস সমূহ আমাদের ব্যক্তিগত প্রমোদ’এর জন্য নির্মিত। অনেকসময় প্রকাশিত গল্প ও ভিডিও সমূহ শুধুমাত্র পাঠক/দর্শকদের আনন্দ প্রদানের জন্য কাল্পনিক এবং অমূলক হয়। অনেকসময় কোন সত্য বা কাল্পনিক ঘটনা প্রকৃতি বিরোধীও হয়ে থাকে, যেমনঃ ‘ইনচেস্ট’; ‘ধর্ষণ’; ‘বেশ্যাবৃত্তি’; ‘ব্যভিচার’; ‘যৌন হয়রানী’; ‘পরকিয়া’; ‘বহুপ্রেম’ ‘পর নারী/পুরুষের প্রতি আকর্ষণ’ ইত্যাদি। আমরা পাঠক ও দর্শকদের প্রতি দ্ব্যর্থহীন কন্ঠে বলতে চাই, ডিজিটাল চোটি বা অন্য যেকোন এ্যাডাল্ট প্রমোদ প্রদানকারী বিষয় সমূহে আসক্ত হয়ে নিজের ব্যক্তিগত জীবনে বা সমাজে সেগুলোর বাস্তবায়ন করে নিজের এবং সমাজের অপুরোনীয় ক্ষতি সাধন করবেননা।