Romantic Secret- Flower Power

It’s been said to that a bachelor’s best friend is a good florist. Rightly so but like everything else flowers can be extremely - effective but only if used correctly.

While everyone - knows that women love to get flowers, there are ways - to dramatically increase the effect. If your lady works in an - office or other workplace where she is - surrounded by other female co-workers, this next tactic can be devastatingly effective.

Your lady will be delighted to receive - flowers at home, but can you - imagine how much more she’ll appreciate getting a big - bright bunch of colorful flowers delivered to her desk at work?

Just think of all the questions - they will trigger. Her co-workers will want to - know all about you. Your lady will have a ball showing them off and bragging about her exciting new lover. One such delivery can turn a distant and tentative lady into a red hot lover.

If you’re lady is - much younger and lives in a - communal apartment setting with other women her age, sending flowers to her - apartment will certainly have a similar effect.

As with gifting, being thoughtful can pay big dividends. During one of your early dates be sure to ask her - favorite color and favorite flower. This is all the info you need to - be sure your flower selection is thoughtful and has the most - emotional impact.
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