Other Dating Secrets - Women on Parade

What do women do when - they want to be noticed? One - said she arches her back and smiles a lot. When she arches her - back it has the effect of pushing her bust forward and up and at the same time pushing her - waist back. It also pushes her behind out at an - attractive angle. Ask any stripper and - she’ll tell you that the more they arch their backs, the more - attention they get. It simply exaggerates the normal - signs of fertility which makes them more attractive to men.

They also parade around sometimes a lot. If a woman at work wants a date with a certain guy, she’ll be - sure to walk back and forth to the water cooler several - more times than normal if this brings - her into his view. On the beach young women often stroll back - and forth on the water’s edge in an effort - to attract male attention.

The tragedy here is that most men ignore, misunderstand or misinterpret these signs and so miss - out on love that could otherwise be theirs. This is a subtle sign that’s - sent in a passive way. It’s very easy to ignore or - even get confused about such a signal.

When interviewed, many women report being highly frustrated when - men who don’t pick up on their signals. Your goal should be to tune in and - start paying closer attention.
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