Other Dating Secrets - The Rebound Effect

A woman who has recently - left a failed relationship may (Or may not) be extremely - vulnerable emotionally. Many such women will seek to enter into - another relationship as soon as they can. Their usual standards - may be ignored in such a - situation. They are "on the rebound" as they say.

Other women "sour" on men and withdraw from the dating scene until someone really - impressive comes along.

If you stumble on one of these on the rebound women, you may find them rushing you - toward the marriage. I once - had a date where a woman started talking - about marriage on the very first date!

Some men will take advantage - of woman “on the rebound” by - sweet talking them into a torrid sexual affair that - will almost always end poorly. If you’re tempted by a vulnerable - woman, you should stop and consider - the damage you’ll be doing to her emotional

State. Remember - the “golden rule”?
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